Reverdia: Best-in-Class Technology for Bio-succinic Acid

100% bio-based succinic acid

Published on 24-07-2017 15:39:31 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP Reverdia has been a global leader in the market for sustainable bio-succinic acid since 2008. As a joint venture between Royal DSM and Roquette Frères, the company developed its 100% bio-based succinic acid under the brand name Biosuccinium®.

The platform chemical enables the bio-based materials of tomorrow.

Biosuccinium® is sold globally and can be use in a broad range of applications, from packaging to footwear. It possesses a best-in-class environmental footprint. Reverdia’s patented yeast technology has proven to be the most sustainable technology to produce bio-succinic acid. By using Biosuccinium®, manufacturers can lower the carbon footprint of their products.

After producing bio-succinic acid in the demonstration plant in Lestrem, France, Reverdia moved production to its 10 kt commercial plant in Cassano Spinola, Italy. This facility features a fully integrated bio-refinery and specialised work-force. Reverdia knows how important it is to have a product that is not only extremely attractive on the sustainability front, but also highly performant. Biosuccinium® demonstrates the highest quality and purity.

For Reverdia, market development is not a one-man show. It uses its partnerships as assets for co-development. Through these partnerships, Reverdia ensures that the entire value chain works towards a long-term commitment for more sustainable products. However, Reverdia also knows that renewables must perform in order to compete. The company will keep working with brand owners and their suppliers to develop mainstream applications for bio-based materials. Its recent successes include showcasing succinic-based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and artificial leather with bio-content as high as 60%. The German outdoor brand VAUDE uses Biosuccinium®-based TPU for toe caps and heel counters in its trekking shoes. 

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