Cascading usage of biomass sidestreams from innovation partnership groups

Synergies between innovation partnership groups

Published on 11-10-2017 16:25:10 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP The concept of cascading use of biomass indicates a promotion of higher grade applications over lower grade applications leading to a final product which has a higher added value. Strong connections between different sectors and disciplines are needed!

AGRIFORVALOR has elaborated a comparative analysis of biomass sidestream valorization opportunities in the hubs considering synergetic potentials.

So far, 16 innovation partnership groups on specific exploitation topics and 15 innovation partnership groups on the  development of ideas towards business modelshave been set up.

As the main application field of the innovation partnership groups is energy (heat, fuel) which has along the cascading methodology the lowest added value it is wortwhile considering other apllication fields (as niches) which generate higher added value, e.g. wood residues into fertilizer or functinal materials.

Different innovation partnership groups bear the opportunity to work cross-sectorial and cross-thematic in order to establish new biobased products or services with higher added value.

AGRIFORVLAOR supports these groups with its scientific steering committees.