Business model case studies and methodology engaging farmers/foresters

How to engage farmers and foresters in a business model process

Published on 30-08-2018 14:10:43 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP Farmers /foresters need to be in the focus of innovative ideas around biomass sidestreams

Several regional and national networking events, workshops and discussions were held in the three hubs in Ireland, Spain and Hungary where innovative ideas for biomass sidestream valorisation opportunities were identified. In addition to searching for near-to-market applications, the hubs have also worked to finding new grass roots ideas through design thinking workshops. In this way,

10 circular Business models CANVAS where defined by multi-actor project teams, involving at least 1 farmer/forest organization. After the Business modelling process, first a national/regional and afterwards an international competition was launched in order to define the best Business Model per hub.
The Best Business Models received their awards during a ceremony at the AGRIFORVALOR
closing conference in Brussels, on 6 July 2018.

Best business model winners:

- Small-scale Farmer Led Green Biorefineries, Ireland

- Production of eco-insulation material using wood bark, Hungary

- Organic compost from olive mill residues, Spain