Business case study on sidestream biomass potential for Hungary

Identification of opportunities for biomass sidestream valorisation for the Biomass Innovation Design hub in Hungary

Published on 06-03-2017 16:01:04 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP Based on a prioritized SWOT, needs from practitioners, sidestreams and volumes available, available research techniques and good practices AGRIFORVALOR described promising business cases as opportunities to invest / focus in the future in the hub.

In Hungary the large volumes of straw and whey offer opportunities for biomass sidestreams valorization. Straw potential: Next to using biomass sidestreams for heat generation for dwelling houses, other heat applications for locations in the surroundings of the power plant can be looked for. Production of bio-oil from straw using small scale pyrolysis technic: The bio-oil can be used for the automotive sector or for heating. In the pyrolysis process also heat, syngas and biochar are produced. The energy (heat and syngas) can be used for the required process heat, and the surplus can be sold, eventually as electricity to the grid. ü Elaborating alternative methods (besides burning) for producing fertilizer from straw and so improving the quality of the soil would also provide innovative business opportunities. Whey potential: Through fermentation whey can be valorized to bio-ethanol which can be used as bio-fuel or as chemical building block for food, pharmaceuticals or functional materials. Both the production of bio-oil and ethanol are supported by policy. Further incentives have to be put in place.

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