Business case study on sidestream biomass potential for Andalucia

Identification of opportunities for biomass sidestream valorisation for the Biomass Innovation Design hub in Andalucia

Published on 06-03-2017 16:04:23 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP Based on a prioritized SWOT, needs from practitioners, sidestreams and volumes available, available research techniques and good practices AGRIFORVALOR described promising business cases as opportunities to invest / focus in the future in the hub

In Andalucia the large volumes of olive sidetreams are offering multiple valorization opportunities: Extraction of valuable compounds from the olive mill sidestreams (e.g. polyphenols, anti-oxidants) for ingredients for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. After extraction of valuable compounds, anaerobic co-digestion of olive mill sidestreams (mixed with pig or cow slurry and other crop residues e.g. straw) can be applied to produce biogas. The biogas can be sold for heating purposes (transport through piping) or can be used to generate electricity which can be sold to the grid. Techniques using fermentation of olive mile sidestreams to produce biopolymers, enzymes and biofuels are promising but have to be further developed before economic application becomes viable. Processing olive mill sidestreams towards bioproducts has large environmental benefits due to reduction of the large environmental impact of current waste streams (toxic compound in waste water and solid wastes) and reduction of emissions from incineration. Partnerships of small olive mills may increase funding opportunities for investments in technical facilities. Large olive oil producing companies may invest private funding in research and techniques as this reduces the environmental impact of their operations.

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