Biomass Usage Innovation Network founded in Hungary

Profit from biomass sidestreams

Published on 22-11-2016 11:50:49 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP The launching event of a new Biomass Innovation Design Network was held in Budapest on 9 November 2016.

The Network was founded by Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research, in cooperation with the Forestry Research Institute of National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center, Lavina Foundation and Pilze-Nagy Kft. The Network invited organizations, farmers and enterprises who were interested in the best possible exploitation of agricultural and forestry biomass, turning it into a saleable product and were open for new, innovative methods.

The Network was created within the framework of AGRIFORVALOR, a project supported by EU Horizon 2020 programme. AGRIFORVALOR aims to integrate the relevant stakeholders of research, bioindustry, agriculture and forestry into one network to help the creation of new value chains established firmly on the market and based on agricultural and forestry biomass. As a result of the establishment of such an innovation supporting network, the biomass sidestream of agriculture and forestry should be marketed by the members more innovatively and on a wider scale. Three countries (Hungary, Ireland, Spain) will have Biomass Innovation Design Networks and they should be able to cooperate with each other. This cooperation of national networks allows market players to gain new experiences, establish international collaboration and find new business opportunities.

The participants of launching event could listen to lectures about the current status and future prospects of Hungarian biomass use and innovation valorization. On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture as authority Mr Ákos Gábor Ugron, Deputy Secretary of State and Mr Ferenc Szépe, Head of Department presented the opportunities of using agricultural and forestry biomass for new business purposes. Further opportunities of professional cooperation, the aim and functioning of the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP-AGRI) and the conditions of forming agricultural-innovative operative groups were also outlined by the representative of the Ministry. New ways of biomass utilization were presented by researchers, universities and enterprises. Some of these technologies are already present on the market, and some of them are yet promising technologies under development.  The participants could share their thoughts on biomass utilisation and expectations from the network and evaluated the status and future development possibilities of the sector based on their experiences.

The network calls for scientists, institutes, intermediary organizations, agricultural, forestry or bioindustry enterprises to join. The members can learn about novelties or even participate in the professional work, trainings, events and find new technologies or business opportunities in utilizing biomass. There is no membership fee and all the Hungarian events are free to attend. 

The next event will be held in Budapest on 19 January 2016; it will present further good practices of using biomass for the 5F (Fuel, Food, Feed,  Fine Chemical, Fertilizer) purposes.

The network is co-ordinated by Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research. Contact person: Katalin Kurucz (email:

For further information and the database of best practices please go to "sidestreams".