AgriForValor support of IBCC

Successful application for the Department of Agriculture

Published on 14-03-2018 11:15:52 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP The Irish BioChar Co-Operative successfully completed an application process for Department of Agriculture funding under the EIS programme in 2017. In the first round of applications they were successful in being selected into the final 8 applicants.

The Irish BioChar Co-Operative (IBCC) were given a budget under EIS funding to prepare a comprehensive second round application for their €1 million euro application for a four year project to build and operate a mobile biochar retort. The proposal involves utilising the mobile retort to process as wide a variety of materials as possible over the four year project to demonstrate the process of biochar manufacture from various feedstocks and to allow suitable quantities of biochar be produced that could be further utilised in further research demonstrate and development projects. Suitable uses of biochar to include as a soil additive for fertility and carbon sequesterisation, and as an animal feed supplement.

In order to assist the application process the IBCC built a project application team as follows.

   Person    Organisation    Coverage area   Support funded*
  Brian Tobin   University College Dublin    Project Management, Technical, Financial   EIS funded
  Bernard Carey   IBCC    Technical, Engineering, Financial   EIS funded
  Emer O’Siochru   IBCC    Technical   Self funded
  Noel Gavigan   Ibec / AgriForValor    Technical, Financial   AgriForValor
  Sean O’Grady   Premier Green Energy    Engineering design   Self funded








*The application was a considerable undertaking, in anticipation of this the Department of Agriculture provided limited funding to elements of the project team to prepare the application.

The AgriForValor project supported the Irish Biochar Co-Operative in preparing technical information in their application and in designing a robust financial plan to consider the distinct elements of project variability and risk.

In December 2017 the consortium received conformation that the project will be fully funded by EIP. The 4 year project is due to start in mid 2018.