Biomass Trade Centres for Value-added Applications

Title: Biomass Trade Centres for Value-added Applications
Description: Using Biomass Logistic Trade Centres to bring more Irish forestry to the market. Incorporating densification techniques and new innovations (e.g. torrefaction) to increase supply chain efficiency.
TRL: (TRL 9)
Biomass Trade Centres for Value-added Applications

Sidestream and Biomass resource: Branches, tops, stumps and roots of trees
Target Markets: Residential or commercial energy suppliers/users, potential biobased products markets.
Target Groups: Forestry growers, energy, chemical, construction and other innovation sectors
Value Chains Addressed/ Partners looked for Academic partners in place. Forest owners and managers, biomass trade centre technology stakeholders, financiers, customers/users required.

Sustainability: Use of currently underutilized biomass (clear replant site). Additional economic activity at local level. Additional revenue for foresters.
Hub contact: Ireland

Agri For Valor
This project has received funding from the European UnionĀ“s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 696394.
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