Biogas Clusters

Title: Biogas Clusters
Description: Biogas produced on farm using small-scale AD systems is collected and upgraded to biomethane. Multiple sites all supplying biogas into co-operative structure for large scale user market.
TRL: (TRL 7)
Biogas Clusters

Sidestream and Biomass resource: Slurries, straw, dairy sludge, vegetable residues
Target Markets: Large heat users, Electricity network operators, Gas utilities
Target Groups: Farmers, local energy co-operative, local authority, local businesses
Value Chains Addressed/ Partners looked for Required ;Engineers, Planning consultant, PR Consultant (Education Local Authorities), Environmental/Geophysical/Archaeologist Report, Customize supports for farmers, Grid operators

Sustainability: Reuse of animal residues and nutrient management, job creation and local energy supply, ROI within 5 years
Hub contact: Ireland

Agri For Valor
This project has received funding from the European UnionĀ“s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 696394.
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