Promoting the Circular Economy Package: Towards a Sustainable Future in Europe

Thursday 29th September 2016, Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre, Brussels

Published on 02-08-2016 12:17:03 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP The symposium will bring together experts, policy makers, industries, NGOs and other key stakeholders to discuss the latest European regulatory policies on the Circular Economy Package aiming at promoting a more sustainable economy.

"Each year Europe currently loses around 600 million tonnes of materials contained
in waste, which could potentially be recycled or re-used. However, rising food demands,
limited availability of arable land, energy poverty, increase of fresh water together
with the impact of climate change constrain us to modify our linear economy.

Promoting the Circular Economy Concept can be a practical solution to the planet's emerging resource problems. The ambitious scheme of this concept contemplates to minimise the generation of waste and maintain the value of products, materials and resources in the economy for as long as possible."

Hartmut Welck, the coordinator of the AGRIFORVALOR project, is one of the Key speakers at the symposium.

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