BioEast conference

Budapest, 21-22 February

Published on 28-03-2017 09:12:53 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP This BioEast conference marked three presentations connected to AGRIFORVALOR project aimed at valorization of agricultural and forestry biomass sidestreams.

First Ms Katalin Kurucz (Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research) held a lecture about the structure and the main goals  of the project itself and also about the Biomass Innovation Design Hub Network set up within the framework of the project. The coordinator drew the attention of the Hungarian and foreign experts specifically to the best practices database available on the project’s website: Then Ms Adrienn Somosne Nagy PhD, general manager of Pilze-Nagy Ltd presented the company’s mushroom cultivation closely connected to the biogas production. This eco-friendly cultivation system represents an almost fully closed material flow; the spent mushroom substrate as a generated sidestream of the mushroom cultivation is sent back to the soil as organic fertilizer as a result of a fermentation process.

Finally Mr Attila Benke PhD of NAIK (National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre ) talked about some Hungarian best practices in forestry and wood industry sidestream utilization. Upon evaluating biomass sources he emphasized the importance of the ecological research carried out in possible utilization of pitwood generated during forest usage.