AGRIFORVALOR at the workshop on "Systems Approaches in research and innovation activities" from 18.-19.09.2017 in Brussels.

AGRIFORVALOR's experience and knowledge were asked for creating rural jobs by following a system approach

Published on 21-09-2017 14:19:12 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP In 2015-2016, a strategic approach to EU agricultural research and innovation was elaborated, identifying a need for systems-based approaches in research activities. In December 2016 a 1st workshop was already organised to help understand why system appro

On September 18-19, Ghent University was invited by the European Commission, DG Agri, to attend a second workshop focusing on how it can be done in practice and what it means specifically for programming of EU research and innovation activities for projects.

With our experiences from AGRIFORVALOR  we were contributing to a session focusing on the case of creating rural jobs to reflect on how to better embed system approaches in research and innovation activities. The output of our intensive work was a broad set of recommendations. The report will be available by the end of the year.