AGRIFORVALOR at Bioeconomy Congress in Stuttgart, 12.-13.09.2017

AGRIFORVALOR poster presentation

Published on 13-09-2017 13:04:26 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP AGRIFORVALOR presented its aims and results at the Bioeconomy congress in Stuttgart

During the congress Bioeconomy concepts and approaches were discussed looking at technical, socio-economical and sustainable issues. In this respect Bioeconomy was compared to circular economy models. The message from that was that Bioeconomy is more than a circular economy as it builds on circular economy inputs as for biomass availability and provides additional valuable outputs along 5 Fs.

A sustainable bioeconomy in this context should act at local / regional level using local resources and involving local stakeholders as active partners for providing them with additional income possibilities. Hence Bioeconomy should have a strong local impact applying decentralised and small-scale models.

The aim if AGRIFORVALOR contributes with these points of discússion as

- it builds on sustainable biomass sidestream resources

- it acts at local /regional level applying local and regional bioeconomy strategies

- it involves local players with complementary knowledge in order to achieve new value chains