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Promotion material: Flyers, posters & more

Flyer_2_Sidestream-Value-Tool_web_HU Flyer_2_Sidestream-Value-Tool_web_ES
Flyer_2_Sidestream-Value-Tool_web_EN Flyer_1_AGRIFORVALOR_web_ES
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Project outputs - from business case studies to RTD results

29 Good practice cases on sidestream biomass Business Case Study on biomass sidestreams_Andalucia
Business Case Study on biomass sidestreams_Hungary Business Case Study on biomass sidestreams_Ireland
3 regional innovation and business case studies_for Ireland, Andalucia and Hungary AGRIFORVALOR_good_practice_cases_publishable-version.pdf

Presentations and information material related to bioeconomy

Circular Bioeconomy_James Gaffey Design for the Bioeconomy: Telling your biobased story
Design for the Bioeconomy: Get to know AGRIFORVALOR Design for the Bioeconomy: Funding your biobased idea
Design for the Bioeconomy: Bioeconomy Opportunities Williams Industrial Services Presentation
Grass Silage and Slurry to Biogas for CHP Developments Concepts for Revitalizing Ireland's Sugar Beet Industry through Biorefinery
ADbag - small-scale Anaerobic Deigestion Solutions for Farm and Industry High Potential Pyrolysis for Regional Waste Management Solutions – Seán O’Grady, Premier Green Energy
High Potential Torrefaction Technology – Demonstration Opportunity and Mobile Solutions – Robert Dowdall, Insight Renewables Torrefaction Market Opportunities for Irish Bioenergy Crops – Dr. Robert Johnson, Arigna Fuels
Renewable Heat Presentation Biomass Technologies
Bioeconomy Developments BHSL - On site energy from residues
Renewable Heat Incentive Green Biorefineries
New Value Chains: Ireland's Opportunity Landscape Bio Base Europe Pilont Plant
The Biobased Economy - Ireland: is the Future now? Wood Polymer Composites
Bio-Based Products, Markets and Policy