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Promotion material: Flyers, posters & more

Agenda for AgriForValor Bioeconomy Mission to Netherlands Flyer - Mission Netherlands - February 2018
Flyer_2_Sidestream-Value-Tool_web_HU Flyer_2_Sidestream-Value-Tool_web_ES
Flyer_2_Sidestream-Value-Tool_web_EN Flyer_1_AGRIFORVALOR_web_ES
Newsletter_EIP-AGRI_on_AGRIFORVALOR Presentation_Get-to-know-AGRIFORVALOR

Project outputs - from business case studies to RTD results

Need and barrier analysis on biomass sidestream exploitation in Ireland, Andalusia and Hungary Interview with the AGRIFORVALOR coordinator
29 Good practice cases on sidestream biomass Business Case Study on biomass sidestreams_Andalucia
Business Case Study on biomass sidestreams_Hungary Business Case Study on biomass sidestreams_Ireland
3 regional innovation and business case studies_for Ireland, Andalucia and Hungary AGRIFORVALOR_good_practice_cases_publishable-version.pdf

Presentations and information material related to bioeconomy

Mushroom-biogas complex agrisystem - Adrienn Nagy, Pilze-Nagy Ltd. James Gaffey - Circular Bioeconomy Opportunities for Ireland at AgriTechDay17 Ludgate Hub, Cork
Bioeconomy regions in Europe (Bio-based Industries Consortium) EandEManagement Publication of Andalucia Mission
James Gaffey - Bioeconomy Opportunities Ireland (Instituto De la Grasa) Construction Materials Workshop Agenda
High performance MDF and OSB produced from wood fibre - David Murray Wood fibre insulation and hemp fibre insulation - Niall Crosson
Mass timber construction - Anette Harte BioBuilding - Dr Mohammed Sonebi
Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declaration of building materials - Pat Barry Member State requirements - Orla Coyle
AGRIFORVALOR and the Bioeconomy Circular Bioeconomy_James Gaffey
Design for the Bioeconomy: Telling your biobased story Design for the Bioeconomy: Get to know AGRIFORVALOR
Design for the Bioeconomy: Funding your biobased idea Design for the Bioeconomy: Bioeconomy Opportunities
Williams Industrial Services Presentation Grass Silage and Slurry to Biogas for CHP Developments
Concepts for Revitalizing Ireland's Sugar Beet Industry through Biorefinery ADbag - small-scale Anaerobic Deigestion Solutions for Farm and Industry
High Potential Pyrolysis for Regional Waste Management Solutions – Seán O’Grady, Premier Green Energy High Potential Torrefaction Technology – Demonstration Opportunity and Mobile Solutions – Robert Dowdall, Insight Renewables
Torrefaction Market Opportunities for Irish Bioenergy Crops – Dr. Robert Johnson, Arigna Fuels Renewable Heat Presentation
Biomass Technologies Bioeconomy Developments
BHSL - On site energy from residues Renewable Heat Incentive
Green Biorefineries New Value Chains: Ireland's Opportunity Landscape
Bio Base Europe Pilont Plant The Biobased Economy - Ireland: is the Future now?
Wood Polymer Composites Bio-Based Products, Markets and Policy


Module 1 Strategy & Organisation Module 1 Strategy & Organisation - Related Files
Module 2 Social Enterprise Development Module 2 Social Enterprise Development - Related Files
Module 3 Business Planning and Business Models Module 3 Business Planning and Business Models - Related Files
Module 4 Commercilisation & Intellectual Property Module 4 Commercilisation & Intellectual Property - Related Files
Module 5 Finance & Marketing Module 5 Finance & Marketing - Related Files
Module 6 Networking and Negotiation Module 6 Networking and Negotiation - Related Files

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