Explainer video of the sidestream value tool

The EU project AGRIFORVALOR has designed a video explaining the sidestream value tool. an interactive tool showing actually around 100 examples from forest and agriculture sidestream biomass research results and practical applications. More >

Published on 13-12-2016 16:26:10 by AGRIFORVALOR

The Irish Bioeconomy Hub Open for Business

Almost 100 delegates participated in the launch of the AgriForValor Irish Biomass Innovation Design Hub on Wednesday 23rd of November at CityWest Hotel, Dublin, Ireland. More >

Published on 30-11-2016 09:37:49 by AGRIFORVALOR

Biomass Usage Innovation Network founded in Hungary

The launching event of a new Biomass Innovation Design Network was held in Budapest on 9 November 2016. More >

Published on 22-11-2016 11:50:49 by AGRIFORVALOR

The Bioeconomy: Creating Value for Farmers & Foresters

Farmers, Foresters, Biomass Processors and Researchers are invited to join Bioeconomy experts from across Europe to launch the Irish AgriForValor Biomass Innovation Hub in the Citywest Hotel, Dublin on November 23rd. AgriForValor is a H2020 funded project More >

Published on 13-11-2016 04:11:28 by AGRIFORVALOR

2nd Project meeting in Tralee, Ireland

The AGRIFORVALOR project team was meeting for the 2nd time from 26.-27.09.2016 in Tralee (IE) to discuss and plan project activities. More >

Published on 11-11-2016 15:36:12 by AGRIFORVALOR

The future of Bioeconomy

The bioeconomy is „a vision for the future society” to become less dependent on fossil resources and to provide energy and added-value products by a sustainable use of bio resources.” More >

Published on 26-10-2016 05:37:14 by AGRIFORVALOR

The cascading usage of biomass

The development of a sustainable society is heavily depended on the realization of a transition of the economy of today which is heavily dependent on fossil and mineral resources towards a biobased economy. Therefore new production chains and development More >

Published on 25-10-2016 06:13:05 by AGRIFORVALOR

Launching event in Hungary

The Hungarian Biomass Innovation Design Hub is going to hold its launching event on 9 November 2016 in Budapest. Researchers, innovators, farmers and foresters and bio-industry companies have been invited from all over the country to come and learn about More >

Published on 21-10-2016 10:40:25 by AGRIFORVALOR

AGRIFORVALOR has identified 48 examples of state in the art in agriculture & forestry biomass sidestream research

AGRIFORVALOR has identified 48 examples of state of the art in agriculture and forestry biomass sidestream research! All these examples can be found on our website and shown in our interactive “Sidestream Valley Tool”. More >

Published on 22-09-2016 16:20:24 by AGRIFORVALOR

Success case on innovative business model for waste valorisation - The Campillos biogas plant

The Campillos biogas plant is the first agro-industrial anaerobic digestion plant of Andalusia (Spain), one of the regions where the AGRIFORVALOR project focuses on. More >

Published on 01-08-2016 12:49:48 by AGRIFORVALOR