Great success in the II AGRIFORVALOR Workshop held in Andalusia at the TRANSFIERE Forum

In the framework of TRANSFIERE, 6th European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Andalusian project partners organized the 2nd AGRIFORVALOR Workshop to raise awareness and stimulate the use of agro-food and forestry residues and by-products. More >

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Értékteremtés a mezögazdasági és erdészeti szektorban

Az Agriforvalor projekt részleteit és elönyeit bemutató,a projekt magyarországi hub managerével,Kurucz Katalinnal készült interjú jelent meg az EU által finanszírozott magyar programokat összegyüjtö és bemutató portálon. More >

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High Potential Technologies for Ireland’s Biobased Sector

Almost 80 people participated in AGRIFORVALOR’s Innovation Exploitation Seminar titled “High Potential Technologies for Ireland’s Biobased Sector” in Teagasc Research Centre, Grange on Friday, February 17th. More >

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Animated video about AGRIFORVALOR

The EU project AGRIFORVALOR has designed another video explaining the projects’ objectives and benefits. More >

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Cré - Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland

Cré is the Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland, a non-profit association of public and private organisations, dedicated to growing the biological treatment sector. More >

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Successful Agriforvalor workshops in Hungary

The RTD Knowledge Transfer Workshop and the Innovation Exploitation Workshop were organized by the Agriforvalor Biomass Innovation Design Hub on 19th January 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. More >

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AGRIFORVALOR selected for CommBeBiz Innovation Award 2017

AGRIFORVALOR has been selected to receive one CommBeBiz Innovation Award in 2017. More >

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High Potential Technologies for Ireland’s Bioenergy Sector

Over 80 people participated in AGRIFORVALOR’s Innovation Exploitation Seminar on Thermochemical Bioenergy Technologies in Teagasc, Thurles on Wednesday January 25th. More >

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BioBase4SME, a project funded under the Interreg NWE program, offers professional innovation support services to SMEs and start-ups which are active in the bioeconomy. More >

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Case Study: Biowert Industrie GmbH

Biowert Industrie GmbH based in Switzerland and Germany operates an industrial green biorefinery focused on the valorisation of grass silage. Local farmers supply grass to the biorefinery plant for processing to a range of sustainably produced products. More >

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