Sidestream of the month: Sawdust

AGRIFORVALOR introduces methods and processes on how sidestreams can be valorized. For July, it's all about sawdust. More >

Published on 06-09-2018 13:05:46 by AGRIFORVALOR

Weigthing of sustainability by doing a Multi Criteria Analysis

To achieve a sustainable bioeconomy different aspects of sustainability have to be taken into account. More >

Published on 31-08-2018 12:14:19 by AGRIFORVALOR

Business model case studies and methodology engaging farmers/foresters

Farmers /foresters need to be in the focus of innovative ideas around biomass sidestreams More >

Published on 30-08-2018 14:10:43 by AGRIFORVALOR

Circular economy and bioeconomy must be integrated

Bioeconomy and circular economy models must be integrated in order to achieve sustainability More >

Published on 27-08-2018 13:25:38 by AGRIFORVALOR

Setting up multi-actor networks and projects

This guide shows how to set up multi-actor stakeholder networks and activities involving them with the main objective of implementing cross-sectorial multi-actor innovation partnership groups on specific topics. More >

Published on 14-08-2018 07:52:48 by AGRIFORVALOR

Best awarded circular business models for the use of agroforest sidestreams

AGRIFORVALOR supported Innovation partnership groups (multi-actor project teams) in the three hubs in defining circular Business models along the valorization of specific biomass sidestreams. More >

Published on 30-07-2018 09:22:45 by AGRIFORVALOR

Sidestream of the month: Fruits and Vegetables

AGRIFORVALOR introduces methods and processes on how sidestreams can be valorized. For June, it's all about fruits and vegetables. More >

Published on 27-07-2018 12:17:30 by AGRIFORVALOR

Great success of final conference, 06.07.2018 in Brussels

40 participants were at the final conference at the premesis of COPA COGECA discussing the potential of biomass sidestreams to achieve a sustainable bioeconomy More >

Published on 09-07-2018 13:24:24 by AGRIFORVALOR

Final conference to achieve a sustainable bioeconomy

Join us at this conference in the premesis of COPA COGECA. More >

Published on 08-05-2018 08:02:45 by AGRIFORVALOR

AGRIFORVALOR article: Valuable Sidestream Support for Europe's Bio-Economy

“The ‘waste’ from many agricultural and forestry industry activities have the potential for a second life as a valuable ‘sidestream’ of the initial industry. These products can not only have real value, but also add to a growing bio-economy...” More >

Published on 11-04-2018 15:25:58 by AGRIFORVALOR