AGRIFORVALOR measured sustainability criteria for biomass sidestream applications

AGRIFORVALOR engaged with business and stakeholders from the public in order to ask them for their weighting of multi criteria along the triple-P-method to get better structured information on “sustainability” in view of biomass sidestream applications. More >

Published on 18-09-2017 13:14:43 by AGRIFORVALOR

AGRIFORVALOR interview on CommBeBiz website and soon in Bioeconomy Magazine

The coordinator of AGRIFORVALOR was interviewed by the CommBeBiz project about the aim and results of the project. On october 16 2017 an article will be published on the project in the biomass magazine in the frame of the world food day. More >

Published on 30-08-2017 09:31:59 by AGRIFORVALOR

Inter-hub missions to best practice cases: Save the date!

The project AGRIFORVALOR will give members of innovation partnership groups – especially farmers and foresters - the possibility to participate in hubs mission organized in Hungary, Spain and in the Netherlands. More >

Published on 28-07-2017 13:26:23 by AGRIFORVALOR

Technical and business support for SMEs and start-ups in the bioeconomy

SuperBIO is a Horizon 2020-funded project offering professional innovation support services to SMEs and start-ups active in the bioeconomy sector. More >

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Reverdia: Best-in-Class Technology for Bio-succinic Acid

Reverdia has been a global leader in the market for sustainable bio-succinic acid since 2008. As a joint venture between Royal DSM and Roquette Frères, the company developed its 100% bio-based succinic acid under the brand name Biosuccinium®. More >

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Intro: INTERREG Project Made in Danube

The rising population and associated demand for renewable biological resources make bio-economy a key element for smart and green growth in Europe. More >

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Irish Bioeconomy Developments

This article presents a short summary about the background and developments of the Irish bioeconomy developments. More >

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Innovation Design Workshops in Hungary

The workshops aimed at forming partnership groups on innovative ideas for agro-forest sidestream applications to be further developed into business models. More >

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Overview of Premier Green Energy (PGE)

Premier Green Energy (PGE) is a spin-out Irish company established in 2010 to exploit market opportunities in the field of bioenergy and in the development of innovative renewable power generation technologies. More >

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Bioeconomy Opportunities Explored at latest AGRIFORVALOR Event in Ireland

Eight biobased challenges were tackled during the AgriForValor ‘Design for the Bioeconomy’ event held in Teagasc Ashtown on April 12th 2017. More >

Published on 20-04-2017 14:15:26 by AGRIFORVALOR