The future of Bioeconomy


Published on 26-10-2016 05:37:14 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP The bioeconomy is „a vision for the future society” to become less dependent on fossil resources and to provide energy and added-value products by a sustainable use of bio resources.”

To get the bioeconomy a step ahead the  EU funded project AGRIFORVALOR aims to identify and valorise biomass sidestreams (by-products, wastes, residues) from agriculture and forestry which are non-food-competitive!

By now AGRIFORVALOR has identified more than 50 examples of state of the art in agriculture and forestry biomass sidestream research and  28 Good Practice examples of the valorisation of agricultural and forestry biomass sidestreams as Business cases in Europe and beyond!

By this AGRIFORVALOR wants to support farmers, foresters, (bio)industry  to become active partners in the sidestream value chain and to earn money.

 AGRIFORVALOR is organized in hubs (Andalucia (Spain), Hungary and Ireland) where specific focus is laid on

  • Information and knowledge about biomass sidestream potentials and opportunities
  • Support in exploiting results and defining new business concepts

The hub launch meetings will take place, soon, where all information and around this new business opportunities will be shown:

  • Hub launch in Hungary, 09.11.2016
  • Hub launch in Andalucia, Sevilla, 24.11.2016
  • Hub launch in Ireland, 23.11.2016

AGRIFORVALOR’s website offers you an free and interactive service “Sidestream Value Tool” where you can find further information of the project and the research and good practice examples.

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