Technical and business support for SMEs and start-ups in the bioeconomy

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Published on 26-07-2017 06:32:20 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP SuperBIO is a Horizon 2020-funded project offering professional innovation support services to SMEs and start-ups active in the bioeconomy sector.

SuperBIO aims to create new bioeconomy value chains across Europe. To do this, it offers partially funded professional innovation support services to SMEs and start-ups who are creating new value chains in the field of biomass utilisation or bioprocessing. It also helps SMEs find partners to create new value chains by connecting them to companies such as biomass suppliers or end-users of their product or process. Check out the SuperBIO movie to understand how SuperBIO offers unique opportunities to the European bioeconomy.

Innovation support services available include market research, LCA, techno-economic assessment, sustainability and regulatory appraisal, feedstock analysis, IP protection, subsidy and grant strategy, business planning, access to investors and bioprocess scale-up. The services are delivered by a network of service providers (NNFCC, nova-Institute GmbH, Gill Jennings & Every LLP, BCNP consultants GmbH, and BiotechSubsidy). The services also include bioprocess scale-up at the BioBase Europe Pilot Plant in Ghent, Belgium. The services are awarded in the form of vouchers of up to €60,000 (co-funded at 75%), the value of which is to be spent on the innovation support services.

As the project enters its last year, the consortium aims to continue to support a maximum number of SME-led projects across Europe and H2020-associated countries. In its first year, the SuperBIO project supported 20 out of the 30 value chains aimed for. See some examples on our homepage.

If you are developing a process in the area of biomass conversion or industrial biotechnology and you have reached a TRL of 3, get in touch with your local contact point or the project co-ordinator!

Contact for Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Turkey:
Dr. Stefan Ruyters:

Contact for Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Israel:
Dr. Gloria de la Viña Nieto:

Contact for France, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia:
Dr. Marie Tranier:

Contact for Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia:
Prof. Beata Kolesinska: