Successfull application of Operational Groups under EIP AGRI

6 operational groups formed out of AGRIFORVALOR innovation partnership groups

Published on 22-02-2018 14:14:39 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP Through the intensive support of innovation partnership groups (IPG) in the hubs different Operational groups (OG) were set up and guided through the application process for receiving funding under the EIP AGRI scheme.

The Irish hub already submitted in 2016 1 OG on  "Biochar for Farm Bioeconomy" which  was succesfully accepted!

In 2017 the Irish Hub submitted another 3 OGs in October from which one OG on "grass biorefinery" was successfully accepted for a full phase 2 application. The grass biorefinery operational group is based on a technology prototype processing fresh grass supplied by dairy farmers into a coagulated non-GMO protein feed for monogastric animals, high value sugars and a fibre fraction which can be used as cattle feed or used to produce biobased products like composites and packaging.

The Andalucian hub submitted one IPG as OG in May 2017 which was successfully selected in January 2018. The OG is about “Production of biofertilizers from the washing sludge of olives and oil (oil mill rafts) and litter”.

The Hungarian hub submitted one IPG as OG in June 2017, the OG “Plantoferm-9”, aiming at developing a complex crop production technology based on agricultural biogas digestate and novel cover crop groups in reduced tillage and soil-friendly cultivation systems to produce export-oriented herb products. The results are still not published.

So, finally three OGs with the support of AGRIFORVALOR were successfully funded under EIP-AGRI scheme.