Overview of Premier Green Energy (PGE)

A class leader in waste-to-energy conversion technology

Published on 19-05-2017 15:47:22 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP Premier Green Energy (PGE) is a spin-out Irish company established in 2010 to exploit market opportunities in the field of bioenergy and in the development of innovative renewable power generation technologies.

From inception, PGE has sought to build upon the extensive design, engineering, manufacturing and fabrication history and heritage of its originator, OMC Technologies Limited. In this context, PGE designs, manufactures and fabricates components with widespread applications in the waste management, resource recovery and energy generation industries, including; reactors, heat exchangers, combustion units, condensers, thermal control systems and ancillary equipment. 

However, the company’s primary focus is upon the development and marketing of a range of Advanced Thermal Treatment, pyrolysis-based systems for converting biomass, municipal solid waste, energy crops and many other organic wastes into a clean-burning synthesis gas that can substitute fossil fuels and which can be used for renewable electricity production or the production of thermal energy. The pyrolysis based technology can also be utilised for the production of biochar where these systems provide an environmentally friendly method as an alternative to infield burning, composting and/or burying of biomass and where the results of these activities indicate that biochar augmented soils can enhance crop yields.

PGE’s bespoke pyrolysis conversion systems address two critical current societal challenges; it provides an environmentally benign alternative to incineration or landfilling of certain waste streams and, it offers a sustainable solution for efficient, renewable power generation and biochar production.

Throughout its history of growth and development, PGE has initiated and sustained strong relationships with academic research professionals in the field of bioenergy and alternative fuels generation. In this capacity, PGE has manufactured, supplied and currently hosts a number of pilot-scale plants to facilitate further research activity in the arena of resource recovery systems and pyrolysis process optimisation. The company continues to be an active and enthusiastic industrial partner in collaboration with a number of Ireland and Europe universities in undertaking European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme projects.

Premier Green Energy is an ardent supporter of the fundamental transition from fossil-fuel-derived energy generation to a sustainable, renewable and more environmentally-friendly based energy supply chain. In addition, PGE is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and sustainability advocate while warmly welcoming the emergence of a bio-based circular economy.

PGE is an excellent example of how an Irish based SME can convert fundamental research into cutting edge commercial applications.

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