Innovation Design Workshops in Hungary

Review of the workshop on 9./10. May in Budapest

Published on 23-05-2017 06:45:48 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP The workshops aimed at forming partnership groups on innovative ideas for agro-forest sidestream applications to be further developed into business models.

The Hungarian Hub held the "Agriforvalor Innovation Design Workshops" on 9 May and May 10 2017 respectively.

On May 9, an Innovation Design Workshop was held at the Forestry Research Institute in Sárvár, Hungary for forestry experts in the Hungarian hub. On May 10, an Innovation Design Workshop was held at Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. Budapest for hub members working on agriculture.

The workshops aimed at forming groups of Innovation Partnerships on innovative ideas for agro- forest sidestream applications to be further developed into business models, and obtain the expressions of interest from multi-actors willing to work further in innovation partnership groups. Two specific themes of interest had been identified by the Hungarian Hub at previous workshops.  All stakeholders in our database were invited, especially those stakeholders/ hub members who had previously submitted an expression of interest to participate in the Innovation groups


Innovation Design Workshop for Agricultural stakeholders

The RTD workshop in Hungary had previously pointed out that the most relevant issue among the Hungarian participants was the nutrient recycling, soil improvement products and biopesticides within the valorisation of agricultural sidestreams. Therefore, the Hungarian Innovation Design Workshop on 10 May 2017 focused on these topics.

The event brought together around 25 experts, public and private R&D organizations, associations, technology transfer organizations and businesses from agriculture sector. Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd., Lavina Foundation and Pilze-Nagy Ltd. participated from among the consortium members.

The participants shared their knowledge on key RDI results, innovations, new ideas, best practices and discussed hands-on information and novel approaches to access to market.  As a result of the intensive work, the participants established a cross-sectorial and multi-actor Innovation Partnership Group on the nutrient recycling and envisaged the possibilities of the further cooperation.

Brainstorming session

Brainstorming session


Innovation Design Workshop for Forestry

The Innovation Design Workshop in the forestry field was organised by the Hungarian Biomass Innovation Design Hub –in Sárvár, Hungary on 9 May 2017.

15 participants attended the event from the forestry sector; such as researchers, practitioners, experts, associations and technology transfer organizations. Forestry Research Institute and Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. participated from the consortium members.

The workshops started with a brief introduction of the planned methodology and the Multicriteria analysis method. Then the owners of the innovative ideas presented their idea to the public; this was followed by a brainstorming with the participation of all those present about the realization of the innovative idea; and the preparation of the Multicriteria analysis itself.

The Biomass Innovation Design Hub, Hungary provided an effective platform and supported the innovation and cooperation of foresters with RTDs and end-users (bio-industry) in the generated ideas. The workshop on forestry biomass finally came up with two Innovation partnership groups, one in the area of using wood bark for producing insulation material, the other on developing a new wood-chips based wood product.

The event participants had the occasion to visit the botanical garden next to the Forestry Research Institute in Sárvár