Great success of final conference, 06.07.2018 in Brussels

Big potential of biomass sidestreams for a sustainable Bioeconomy

Published on 09-07-2018 13:24:24 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP 40 participants were at the final conference at the premesis of COPA COGECA discussing the potential of biomass sidestreams to achieve a sustainable bioeconomy

Biomass sidestreams hold big potentials as:

- they have no negactive impact on additional land usage

- they don't imply a conflict of interest to food production

- there is a high underused realistic biomass sidestream potential from agriculture and forest resource on regional / national and EU level

- to achieve higher value products applying a multi-stage cascading approach

- to apply a circular economy approach

Moreover AGRIFORVALOR directed recommendations towards the EU policy makers on how to close the research and innovation divide:

- invest in education, training and support infrastructures

- direct fundings towards the achievements of higher value products

- clearly emphasize the role of rural communities (herein especially family owned farmers) in order to achieve local bioeconomy value chains

- apply small scale solutions at local scale

- foster multi-actor,  bottom-up networks with farmers / foresters as partners in the value chain

- apply a 3 P (Plant, People, Profit) approach in combination with a multi-criteria analysis to foster sustainability


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