Circular economy and bioeconomy must be integrated

Integrated Circularity and Bioeconomy models needed to achieve sustainability

Published on 27-08-2018 13:25:38 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP Bioeconomy and circular economy models must be integrated in order to achieve sustainability

During the final conference of AGRIFORVALOR it was agreed upon that a multi-cascading approach applied to the bioeconomy sector and circular economy models must be integrated to achieve sustainability especially on local level. AGRIFORVALOR measured sustainability aspects of bioeconomy by applying a triple P approach (Planet, People, Profit) which is necessary in order to weight different criteria of sustainable usage of biomass sidestreams. Sustainability can be and must be defined by the local multi-actor community in order to get a “bigger” and  “measurable” picture on stakeholders’ preferences, e.g. for shaping policy measures!

Moreover it is clear that new policy frameworks which enable the integration of these models are needed as well as a thorough measuring of sustainability criteria at local level using the above mentioned triple P approach.