Professional innovation support services to SMEs and start-ups

Published on 20-01-2017 16:36:31 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP BioBase4SME, a project funded under the Interreg NWE program, offers professional innovation support services to SMEs and start-ups which are active in the bioeconomy.

BioBase4SME, funded under the Interreg NWE program, offers professional innovation support services to SMEs and start-ups, active in the bioeconomy. The support focusses on delivering industrial proof of concept, and a realistic business plan both of which are key for convincing investors or clients on the merits of an innovation. The BioBase4SME network, representing leading bio-based economy experts, advises SMEs from across North-West Europe on how to develop new ideas into marketable products.

The project aims to bring at least 20 promising innovations closer to the market, resulting in new investments and job creation. BioBase4SME also aims to provide training to approximately 200 entrepreneurs active in the biobased economy, thus boosting their innovation capacity.

Other main outputs include:

  • A strong, interregional network to guide entrepreneurs towards successful innovations
  • Improved regional support for the biobased economy in terms of innovation and investment climate, regulatory framework and public approval
  • Set-up of an open innovation anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis testing pilot in Ireland (tcbb RESOURCE)

BioBase4SME runs a Bio-Innovation Coupon Scheme with coupon values up to €100.000 (50-100% funded depending on the service)


SMEs active in the bio-economy can apply for coupons on the following subjects, or a combination thereof:

  • Process development and scale-up in a state-of-the-art pilot plant (Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant)
  • Proof of concept at an anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis testing pilot in Ireland (tcbb RESOURCE)
  • Life Cycle Assessment (Materia Nova)
  • Green chemistry analysis, testing of new biomass as feedstock, application testing for fibers, colorants and coatings (facilitated by REWIN)
  • Market research, value chain assessment, business plan coaching (NNFCC)
  • Mentoring on social acceptance (AC3A)


For more information on the Bio-Innovation Coupon system, go to or contact your regional Bio-Innovation Agent.




Bio-Innovation Agent for Ireland: Bart Bonsall,, +353 (0)86 2413081

Services: pilot equipment for anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis, trainings, workshops



Project Coordinator: Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Project Manager: Lieve Hoflack,, +32 (0)494 47 68 68

Communication Manager: Katrien Molders,, +32 (0)486 951 109

Services: Process development and scale-up incl. techno-economic evaluation, networking


Flanders Biobased Valley:

Bio-Innovation Agent for Flanders: Sofie Dobbelaere,, +32 (0)9 264 59 05

Services: Networking, Trainings, Workshops

Materia Nova

Bio-Innovation Agent for Wallonia: Guillaume Wégria,, +32 (0)484 13 90 07

Services: Life-Cycle Assessment, Trainings, Workshops




Bio-Innovation Agent for France: Pascal Dagron,, +33 (0)253 466 257

Services: Social acceptance, Trainings, Workshops




Bio-Innovation Agent for Germany: Carolin Lange,, +49 (0)211 679 31 34

Services: Networking, Trainings, Workshops


The Netherlands:


Bio-Innovation Agent for The Netherlands: Roel Koevoets,, +31 (0)6 226 639 34

Services: Application testing, trainings, workshops, networking


United Kingdom:


Bio-Innovation Agent for UK: Lucy Montgomery,, +44 (0)1904 435291 

Services: Market research, feedstock analysis, business plan support, trainings, workshops, innovation, networking


BioBase4SME is co-funded 60% by the Interreg North-West Europe Programme. Interreg NWE fosters transnational cooperation to make Northwest Europe a key economic player and an attractive place to work and live, with high levels of innovation, sustainability and cohesion.