AGRIFORVALOR selected for CommBeBiz Innovation Award 2017

Sidestream Value tool highly recognized as innovative tool to enable knowledge sharing, network building and partnerships

Published on 31-01-2017 10:25:38 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP AGRIFORVALOR has been selected to receive one CommBeBiz Innovation Award in 2017.

CommBeBiz works with FP7 and H2020 project partners at all stages of their ideas and research development to enable more effective and speedier transfer of knowledge to the marketplace, to policy-players and for the public good.

AGRIFORVALOR applied with its interactive Sidestream Value tool which collects research results and practical applications on biomass sidestreams in order to build up a Bioeconomy which is of non-food-concurrence: Bioeconomy 2.0!