AGRIFORVALOR measured sustainability criteria for biomass sidestream applications

Sustainability criteria defined along triple P method (People, Planet, Profit)

Published on 18-09-2017 13:14:43 by AGRIFORVALOR

CakePHP AGRIFORVALOR engaged with business and stakeholders from the public in order to ask them for their weighting of multi criteria along the triple-P-method to get better structured information on “sustainability” in view of biomass sidestream applications.

From feedbacks received (business, n=86; public, n= 17) the following indications can be drawn:

In general it can be stated that the business and broader public have a slight different view on sustainability.  The business sector is more at this stage of time “planet” and herein “materials and energy” oriented. The public is favoring in majority the two dimensions “planet” and “people” and herein “materials and energy” and “local engagement” and “human health”.

When it comes to the weighting of criteria the majority of business and more public oriented stakeholders are planet and profit oriented and herein favoring the criteria “materials and energy” as well as “local economy”.  

This shows that sustainability is not understood by all actors equally but it has to be defined by the local multi-actor community in order to get a bigger and better picture and notion on what is relevant when it comes to sustainability aspects of sidestream biomass valorization.