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CBB Awards 2017

AGRIFORVALOR's Sidestream Value Tool received an award as best innovation tool fostering knowledge transfer in 2017.

Multiactor networks

Agri For Valor

BioEast conference

This BioEast conference marked three presentations connected to AGRIFORVALOR project aimed at valorization of agricultural and forestry biomass sidestreams. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 28-03-2017 09:12:53

BioEast konferencia

A Budapesten megrendezésre került BioEast konferencián a mezögazdasági és erdészeti melléktermék eredetü biomassza felhasználás-fejlesztésével foglalkozó AgriForValor projekt részéröl három elöadás hangzott el. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 28-03-2017 09:06:13


Established in 1981, Monaghan Mushrooms is a completely vertically integrated company and has grown rapidly since then to become the largest producer of mushroom substrate and the second largest producer of fresh mushrooms in the world. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 28-03-2017 07:15:11

Celignis - Exciting Irish Spin-Out Analysing Biomass

Developed from a University of Limerick co-ordinated FP7 project, the company specializes in analysing samples for properties relevant to the production of biofuels and bioenergy. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 28-03-2017 06:57:01