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CBB Awards 2017

AGRIFORVALOR's Sidestream Value Tool received an award as best innovation tool fostering knowledge transfer in 2017.

Multiactor networks

Agri For Valor

Innovation Deals for the Circular Economy

The European Commission is currently piloting Innovation Deals for the Circular Economy. The concepts underpinning these deals is the voluntary establishment of agreements between stakeholders and public authorities to create a collaborative forum. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 01-02-2018 13:55:35

AGRIFORVALOR Training Academy

AGRIFORVALOR Training Academy will be held on 19 February 2018 in Budapest, Hungary. The objective of the event is to train the representatives of bioindustry on strategy development and business development. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 01-02-2018 13:06:18

Sidestream of the month: Olive leaves, olive stones and seeds

AGRIFORVALOR introduces methods and processes on how sidestreams can be valorized. This month it is all about olive leaves, stones and seeds! More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 30-01-2018 10:00:52

Information day --- Overview of legislation of biomass valorisation

An information day titled "Overview of legislation on the valorisation of biomass" will be held in Budapest on 17 January 2018. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 16-01-2018 16:25:12