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CBB Awards 2017

AGRIFORVALOR's Sidestream Value Tool received an award as best innovation tool fostering knowledge transfer in 2017.

Multiactor networks

Agri For Valor

Agriforvalor Exploitation Workshop for the Agricultural Innovation Partnership Group

An Agriforvalor exploitation worshop will be held with title of „IPG - Towards the business” on 6 November 2017 in Budapest. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 02-11-2017 09:00:46

Towards the future: building a research and innovation lead Bioeconomy

The first Exploitation training was held on 21 of September 2017 in Budapest, Hungary focusing on opportunities in the bioeconomy. Presenters from the European Commission and other EU-countries (Spain, Estonia) shared their experiences... More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 02-11-2017 08:53:18

AGRIFORVALOR identified needs and barriers for the implementation of a Bioeconomy

AGRIFORVALOR performed an analysis based on: know-how needs and business issues in technological innovations , barriers to implement RDI and best practice solutions at a local level, barriers hindering the development of sustainable biomass supply chain More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 27-10-2017 08:30:53

Natureworks Case Study

NatureWorks LLC is a private company, jointly owned by Cargill, a privately-held agricultural products corporation and PTT Global Chemical. It is the world’s largest producer of plastic resin derived from plant material rather than petroleum. More >

by AGRIFORVALOR , 26-10-2017 15:36:37